The Mido System

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The Mido System

The Mido system is a newly discovered system where the Midorians settled after retreating from the Nivlian Civil War. This is the first system in the GOF2 Storyline.

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Var Hastra Station

Var Hastra Mining Station is where Gunant Breh found Keith T. Maxwell after Keith's journey through time and space. Extra info here...

350px-Var hastra

Var Hastra Mining Station

Kernstal Station

Kernstal is another station visited by Keith T. Maxwell to talk to Norris Bernard, Commander of Kernstal.


Kernstal Station

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Yrdal Gedal

Yrdal Gedal is where Keith rejoins with Mkkt Bkkt, the notorious dealer.

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180px-Yrdal Gedal

Yrdal Gedal Station


Heinsten is

Heinsten Station

an unimportant planet in the Mido system, visited by choice.

Deuter IV

Deuter IV is another unimportant planet in the Mido system; visited by choice.

350px-Deuter IV

Deuter IV Station